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About YRSCommercial, the Studio & the Photographer.

Your Reflection Studio (YRSCommercial) is a Highland based specialist commercial studio working throughout Glasgow & the West of Scotland wide.

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Why should you use a commercial specialist?

A commercial photographer expresses your business or product proposition visually. That makes the difference to the image, it's composition and the focus.

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Who uses YRSCommercial? Do we work across the UK?

Our clients are Scotland wide based ranging from media to agency and clients directly - large and small. We specialise in food and product, beyond general commercial work.

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How to contact us for a free consultation and advice.

Sometimes is helps to simply talk your ideas and issues through with our photographer...

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YRSCommercial, the commercial photographer in
Glasgow & the West of Scotland .

A business and industrial photography studio.
About the Photographer. Our commercial focus.

Do we only work in Glasgow & the West of Scotland ?

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is a leading Highland commercial, business and industrial photography studio - it is successful throughout Glasgow & the West of Scotland, indeed Scotland wide. As a professional commercial, product and food photographer business we help companies, business owners, entrepreneurs and media with our simple approach to commercial image production and our fixed price business photography service packages. Much of our work is done from our studios.

Currently the facilities in our commercial photography studios, lets us produce a range of business and commercially needed images for product and packaging as-well-as our specialist work for food subjects and publishing. A lot of our other commercial client work, is done 'on-site' -on or in our client's premises. Thanks to a significant investment in our 'portable photography' studio environment we bring our studio to the client - this means a studio environment is maintained at all times - lighting quality assured.

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A business, industrial and commercial photography
studio - we only specialise in working with companies.

As you would expect from a professional commercial photographer and studio, we have a wide range of business driven and industrial photographic experience, which we bring to all our clients. Beyond this commercial image knowledge, we also offer advice on product and food styling and the creation of set-piece and lifestyle images as well as arrangements for model use.

As a photography studio, we also have a wide and extensive knowledge of marketing and public relations. This experience was gained over 25 years prior to starting the commercial photographer studios and it helps us with both client-side and agency-side commissions - improving our commercial photographic services -focusing images, commercially driven and sales proposition orientated.

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YRS. Not a generalist studio... a specialist.

We are renowned for being only business to business that is our specialism and our focus. Isn't all photography the same you ask? Well to put it simple - no it's not. We think 'commercial', how to sell your product, service or property and then capture a visual to make this proposition - we're marketing consultants through a camera, commercial through and through. We don't take weddings and the only portraits we take, are commercial, for business and balance sheets. It's simple - we're only business to business or business to owner! If you're in doubt ask for a client list and a portfolio - we'd be delighted to send you one. As for partners - we work with website designers, print design communications consultants and media agencies in and around Glasgow & the West of Scotland . But not just there - we do this UK and Euro wide.


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How can YRSCommercial help you?

To get an idea of where we shoot images and support clients you can read the text below or use the links above under the tag How can we help you. So please read below for a summary and then use the links above for more detailed information and gallery examples of the images - categorised by specific subject type.

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Food Photographer & Styling (including restaurant images).

This is a huge part of our commercial studio's business. As a creative studio, we have worked with many food business, this area of commercial image work doesn't just include menu and restaurant photography, it also includes food product and packaging images, food images for use in advertising, recipe book/card publication, menu use and yes, food blogging. As a business specialist studio, which focuses on food photography, we have invested in a wide range of props, cloths and ceramics, back drops and fabrics to bring any food photography work we do to a style you require. We style much of the food photography work ourselves but are happy to recommend any food stylist we have worked with in the past or engage a food stylist you've already employed. As for restaurant photography, we enjoy working with chef directly - working and photographing dishes, which are a selection from the day's menu and finding a great location in the establishment to shoot them - selling their skill and attention to detail in food presentation.


Event & Conference Photography.

We cover many events each year - and not just commercial ones . We take a simple brief and then explore it through the use of set piece images or reportage - all depending upon what it is you are looking for. We even provide a free event portal so you can offer any images we take down to those who have paid for the stalls or use them in social media promotions. Business Events photography, we consider this to be a little more intermate than perhaps the larger events - more focused, perhaps a company day, the cataloguing of a special sales presentation or company wards evening. Again, like our large event packages we cover these through set price, formal or commercial reportage styles.


Architectural and Property, Interior Design.

Much of our commercial work deals with architecture and property, interior design and sporting estate photography. We have invested in the wide angle and tilt and shift lens technology to help maximise the image's value and potential use. All property images are supported by a lighting scheme from a range of 3000KW studio lamps - not flash off the camera, so all images are light balanced and as an important issue for any studio, colour corrected.


Product and Catalogue, Packaging and
Promotional Photography Studio.

Our studios have dedicated space for product photography benches that enable commercial product shoots of a high key style or specialist and highly creative lifestyle formats to be undertaken. Not only do we have the lighting arrangements but also the boom and clip systems to arrange product in a still life format to demonstrate angles, key features and any practical uses during the shoot. Should clipping masks be required we have invested in the Adobe Creative Suite extensively plus the image cataloguing software Lightroom, which we have used since it was launched. We also have invested in a range of software plug-ins to manage most image styling requirements. Lightroom also means we can archive manage your commercial images, so you have backup should there ever be a loss at agency or marketing department level. And let's not forget, by product we also mean food product - a substantial amount of the studio's traffic is food driven, food packaging as well as the food product itself. Like with our other investments, the studio has access to cold storage, cooking and styling facilities - as we mentioned above in the food section. So a complete product and pack-shot factory so to speak. And if you make valuable products such as jewellery - we have safe and security system here in including recently fitted 24hour motion sensitive CCTV - so you will always have peace of mind - no matter where you have sent your product from.


Freelance, Public Relations and Publicity Photographer.

As a commercial studio and freelance photographer we also do press and public relations work and have worked with Platform PR, Weber Shandwick, AVC media, Consolidated PR on the Commonwealth Games, Somersault, Willoughby PR and not just on commercial photography commissions or themes - a wide range of PR activity. We've been published in nationals as well as local newspapers. Clients also include specialist magazines such as Retail Week, Caterer and of course Build-it Magazine. Public relations and publicity images, are an extension of our freelance work, we are engaged by many of the agencies throughout the UK - a simple brief often accompanied with an action plan and deadlines.

And what about the images supplied? We explain in our section 'About us' our approach to image management, disk shipping and archiving. To read more about our studio, go to our about page. Don't forget to look at our business pages from the menu selection, how can we help.

YRS. Commercial, Business, Industrial,
Food, Architectural, Interiors and Product Studio

YRSCommercial, the Glasgow & the West of Scotland business, corporate and commercial photography studio.

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Highlands, working throughout Glasgow & the West of Scotland - Scotland wide. We work with business, media and property owners, creating images for commercial, business and industrial needs as well as for media and designers all over the Scotland.

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YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) Glasgow & the West of Scotland - Commercial, Property product and Food Photographer & Stylist.
Commercial, Interiors, Product and Food Photographer. Specialist photography studio, creating images for business, industrial, interiors, product and food clients Glasgow & the West of Scotland wide.
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