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Business Event & Conference Photography.

The breadth of business and commercial event commissions is endless - a company conference or business exhibition or perhaps industry and trade conference.

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Why is the YRSCommercial event image approach different?

Agree a story board beforehand as a framework for the event or conference photography shoot, manage timings by target presentations.

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How are YRSCommercial images used by clients?

Political conferences, meetings, business conferences, promotions and staff education and commercial product launch business events.

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How to contact us for a free consultation and advice.

Sometimes is helps to simply talk your ideas and issues through with our photographer...


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YRSCommercial. The Glasgow & the West of Scotland
business and commercial events photographer.

What is an event to a commercial event photographer? The variety is huge! Our commercial and business event photography commissions can see us supporting a company conference or business exhibition or perhaps capturing a company's business presence at a business or country fair or steam engine jamboree! Yes, the breadth of business and commercial event commission is endless and all are handled with the same enthusiasm and care.

It's really a matter of meeting the challenge our business clients bring us. Companies see events, which fit within the business or corporate messaging, as vital to interact with their clients and commercial partners. So yes - if they have a stand at a game fair because they are a land agent or estate management company, we are there to photograph their team's interaction - and if they choose a stand at a steam engine rally... well... yes we're there. The same applies to political conferences, business launch events and product exhibitions.


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Working with a business or commercial event
and conference photographer.

We always agree a story board beforehand as a framework for the event or conference photography shoot, we try and understand the timings of the day and when the presentations are scheduled and also establish key value points which may need catapulting during the presentation or day.

We have covered many events UK wide. We take a simple brief and then explore it through the use of set piece images or reportage - all depending upon what it is you are looking for. We even provide a free event portal - so if you have sold stall space you can offer the images down to those who have paid for the stalls so they too can access the images of your event for their own promotions.

Company Presentations

As a commercial photography studio we consider this to be a little more intermate than perhaps the larger events - more intermate, perhaps a company day or even the cataloguing of a special sales presentation of company wards evening. Again, like our large event packages we cover these through set price or reportage styles.

How to we handle an event on shoot day?

We can work with your PR team, your management team and even your exhibitors or trade stand clients. Often we work with all parties on the day.

How you work with an commercial event photographer really starts with - are you attending or running the event? Our approach changes accordingly. If your running an exhibition or conference our contribution goes from presentation photographs to, capturing the event and the successes each competitor or trade stand has, at each stage of the day. Event photographs can then be offered via your website or through a joint branded online gallery. We can help you document your event as either an event holder, participant, stall owner or retailer or specialist group who perhaps is managing a display. We will work with each of the key parties, from organiser through to publicity, key figures or interest groups to agree a theme or story board of images to be collected throughout the show day. These are then collected as we simply mingle run alongside the programme of works for the event. We try and keep as low a profile as possible so attendees focus on the event and not the long lens! And do not forget, we handle sales presentations the same way. If you are attending an event and not running it, our approach is tailored to the brief we agree. it may be to attend the stand at key times as a valued customer visits you, or perhaps a product demonstration point or event an on-stand presentation. We simply make sure the brief is strong and then motivative ourselves to create the images.


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What types of events have we covered?

Political conferences and meetings Business conferences - business promotion and staff education Business conferences - company specific as well as generic, commercial division event or business customer and commercial product launch Business events - business social and sales promotional driven or commercial strategy event Business conferences - channel partner groups, special interest groups, customer group conferences and user groups Sales presentation photography for commercial or business webinars Stand locations at key industrial focus groups Stand locations at CBI or Chambers of Commerce events.



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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photographer.

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