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Hamilton Property & Interiors Photographer.




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YRSCommercial, Hamilton Building Interiors Photography.

Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photographer - YRSCommercial Images.

Property & Building Interiors Photographer, helps hospitality business demonstrate their creativity, property managers catalogue their investments.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Interiors Photography

YRSCommercial, Building Interiors Photography.A huge proportion of our studio business is property and building interior photography - we're specialists at it - whether images of hotel interiors, new build property photography for large construction companies, interior design or lifestyle images for designers, installations for architects as-well-as images for kitchen design companies or specialist shop fitters for retail or restaurants, throughout Hamilton and the whole of Scotland. The lot!

We are also one of the leading property photographer studios to support the holiday lets, guest house and bed and breakfast community -Trip Advisor Registered - our services are often required where their owners are refreshing a property website with a new interior image or producing a new one. We work with many local web designers providing property images and property associations.YRSCommercial, Hamilton Building Interiors Photography.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Building Interiors Photographer.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedrooms Example 1
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedroom Lifestyle Example 2
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Contemporary Furniture Example 3
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedroom Furniture Example 4
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Holiday Let Example 5
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Dining Room Lifestyle Example 6
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Interior LandscapeExample 7
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedroom Lifestyle Example 8
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Cottage Furnishings Example 9
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedroom Furnishings Example 10
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedroom Example 11
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Cottage Bedroom Furnishings Example 12
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Occasional Furniture Example 13
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Log Cabin Example 14
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedroom Lifestyle Example 15
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Bedroom Llifestyle Example 16
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property Photography.
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Property Sale Example 17
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Example 18
YRSCommercial, Hamilton Property & Building Interiors Photography Example 19

YRSCommercial, Hamilton property photography, interior design, furnishings & lifestyle photographer.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Corporate Photography.YRSCommercial, Hamilton Building Interiors Photography Being a Scotland wide property and interior photographer we do find our work differs by studio location. In the Midlands it is mainly commercial property and interiors shot for publication or images of properties, which have an historic nature.

As for our Scottish studio, from where we work and take images the length of Scotland, we seem to work mainly for hospitality clients, such as hotels and property owners such as sporting estates the length and breadth of the region. Locally we work with many of the local agents including CKD, Your Move, Bell Ingram and ASG as well as architects, designers and property owners. YRSCommercial, Building Interior Photography.

Making a difference with our interior & property photography.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Building Interior PhotographyAs a commercial photography studio specialising in property and architecture images, we think one thing beyond image composition is vital - lighting! We bring controlled light to your property image and interiors - not camera mounted flash or strobe guns - real, high specification studio flash units and diffusers combined with continuous lighting rigs to maintain and achieve perfect lighting of the interior, room or space. Then we have to think technology. Our Canon L series lenses are controlled for any distortion, guaranteeing quality perspective and sharpness. Now what about the interior - the space itself?

We try not only to take interior room-scape or space images, we explore the building, interior or space we are commissioned for. We break the view up, approach the space from different angles or YRSCommercial, Hamilton Corporate Photography. heights, we increase room volume through composition and focus on architectural elements in design. We also focus upon the investment in the space - use of architectural elements, lighting units, furnishings - yes - as for the fabric of the interior or room, this is as important as the room or space itself.

If permitted within the brief, we will also explore your furnishings and decoration, build style and craftsmanship to bring the whole room, interior, building or installation to life.YRSCommercial, Building Interiors Photography.

Working with Estate Agents & Managers.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Building Interiors Photography We are registered with a number of key estate agent groups and specialist property landlords. This is in addition to the many local estate agents throughout Scotland and property management companies many of which manage properties for holiday let owners or other local landlords, for example Gael Holiday Homes or CKD Galbraith, Bidwells, ASG Commercial, Bell Ingram. In most cases we are asked to produce property images for their prospectuses or online presence. For some, we provide property floor plans data and measurements. To do this we have invested in laser technology to measure accurately the rooms or interior spaces and the floor plan software, which enables us to produce a simple clean image and property plan which the agent or property manager may then re-draw or copy into their own particulars (often an online software product which we have extensive experience with). We turn-around floor plans in 48-72 hours. We also work with estate managers to catalogue property investments and building conditions. Quite a broad range of property photography solutions. YRSCommercial, Interior Photography.

Working with Sporting & Property Estates.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Interiors Photography Often as an extension to our commercial estate and architectural services we are asked to provide YRSCommercial, Hamilton Corporate Photography.commercial images of the sporting estate clients. These images show the operations and day to day life of the estate - not just property. We have developed a more easily transported 'studio-rig' to help us up and down the hills, so we can easily follow the shooting party, forestry team or fishery unit. We have also an extensive natural history image library, which is then accessed to show the wildlife and landscape of the estate - completing the value of the sporting environment. YRSCommercial, Interiors Photography.

Working with Architects & Building Designers.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Interiors Photography For this part of our business please follow this link to our page on architectural photography. Shop fitters, kitchen installers and interior designers. It's all about your choices. Yes, the images we try and explore here are the choices you make as a designer and fitter - how you make a small space large, a cramped space useful, the choice of fabrics in the design, as well as other materials. Above all, the proposition your design sells - the dream kitchen, the retail savvy shop front, the hotel with home fromYRSCommercial, Hamilton Corporate Photography. home comforts or state of the art contemporary design. Yes, this last one is the key to the interior image brief as this is the bit the creates more work for you as a designer - how you as a designer or fitter have taken your clients brief and then turned it in to the living or workplace which inspires. Again, we're not restricting our services and work the entire length of Scotland! YRSCommercial, Interiors Photography.

Working with BNB, Guest House & Hospitality property owners.

YRSCommercial, Hamilton Interiors Photography We typically shoot over 200 hospitality properties a year throughout Scotland! Yes that's a lot of property photography. The fact that we control the light for the interior images and help all our client owners consider the use of fabrics, food and space to promote their places to stay means we're referred to throughout Scotland and the West Midlands. We also provide an image archive service to hotel, BNB and guest house owners where images are needed to support their website and promotional use on booking engines - here we liaise with agency, booking companies and designers to help get the best use and formatting of our images for our clients. We've even provided landscape images to clients for wall art. YRSCommercial, Interior Photography.


YRSCommercial hamilton Building Interiors Photography


YRSCommercial & YRSFood. Hamilton Commercial, Business, Industrial, Food, Architectural, Interiors , Press & Product Photography.

YRSCommercial, the Hamilton business and corporate photography studio.

YRSCommercial, the business and corporate photography studio. YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is a commercial photography studio and specialising in commercial, product, interiors and architecture images. We're based in the the Highlands, working throughout the Scotland. We work with businesses, producers, restaurants, media, designers and property owners, creating images for commercial, editorial, promotional, business and industrial needs, as-well-as for media and agencies and marketing designers all over Hamilton - wider still, the whole of Scotland. Specialist Commercial Photographer, Your Reflection Studio (YRSCommercial & YRSFood)

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