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YRSCommercial. The Glasgow & the West of Scotland Press PR Photographer.

As a commercial photographer and studio, the first question we are asked is do we also take press and public relations commissions- not only by press agency clients but also business owners and their marketing professionals, who are working with the press. The answer is yes and yes, throughout the UK although our value is where our studios are based!

Our range of press, public relations (PR) clients is wide - press agency, client side, marketing or pubic relations practitioner - so the work is equally broad - from buildings, event work, conference support through to product push and employee portraits. As a studio we operate as a freelance business or press PR contractor and because of our flexibility this means our commissions can be anywhere - although a lot of London clients do like our studio location in Glasgow as they may not have a Highland location to deal with.

To read more about our studio, go to our about page. Don't forget to look at our business pages from the menu selection, how can we help.


Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography Studio - Section Break

YRSCommercial. Glasgow & the West of Scotland Public Relations (PR) Photographer.

With all our press PR and public relations work, we take a strong brief from the agency or client-side contact. Sometimes we act on you behalf, setting up the shoot, contacting key individuals and delivering images within your time-scales, either on disk or through the Internet (Dropbox). This happens a lot for editorial work especially if, like many of our publications clients, you are based in London and their story is here in the Highlands or Moray.

As a studio, we also pick up overspill photography -Press PR work where traditional press staff photographers are already over scheduled. . As the studio has a background of over 25 years in marketing and PR consultancy experience prior to the set up the studio, we hope we bring an understanding of public relations agency life and the need to produce an image to a brief or story - not just a picture. And hopefully make your job a little easier! Public Relations agencies we have work for recently include Weber Shandwick, Platform PR, Consolidated PR, AVC Media, Somersault PR and Grayline PR.

To read more about our studio, go to our about page. Don't forget to look at our business pages from the menu selection, how can we help.


YRS. Commercial, Business, Industrial, Food, Architectural, Interiors and Product Studio

YRSCommercial, the Glasgow & the West of Scotland business, corporate and commercial photography studio.

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Highlands, working throughout the Glasgow & the West of Scotland region. We work with business, media and property owners, creating images for commercial, business and industrial needs as well as for media and designers all over the Scotland.

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Your reflection Studio, Commercial Photography Studio

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) Glasgow & the West of Scotland - Commercial, Property product and Food Photographer & Stylist.
Commercial, Interiors, Product and Food Photographer. Specialist photography studio, creating images for business, industrial, interiors, product and food clients Glasgow & the West of Scotland wide.
Glasgow & the West of Scotland specialist - Commercial, Interiors Product and Food Photographer. 07790545990 Glasgow & the West of Scotland Email: enquiries (@) your-reflection.co.uk