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About us...Who are YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio)?

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is a specialist commercial studio based in the the Highlands, working in Glasgow & the West of Scotland - Scotland wide.

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About us... What makes YRSCommercial different?

A commercial photographer expresses your business and product proposition visually. That's makes all the difference.

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About us... Who do we work with?

YRSCommercial is a commercial photography studio we also specialise in property, food and product work operating Scotland wide.

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How to contact us for a free consultation and advice.

Sometimes is helps to simply talk your ideas and issues through with our photographer...

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YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio), Glasgow & the West of Scotland commercial photographer.

YRSCommercial is a commercial photography studio. That means we only shoot commercial work or photographs, press images and as a commercial photographer also have a specialism in food, product and property (architecture) images.

We do not shoot portraits unless they are for business, no weddings or sport. Only commercial images. Why is this important to our clients? We focus on one purpose. The production of images that support a sales proposition, a brand promise or commercial drive. So our 'wiring', so to speak, is all about selling through pictures - not just taking a picture. Therefore, we work from a very strong brief which itself explores the value proposition of the product, service or corporate asset you want photographing. From here we develop ideas on how to shoot your commission that is in line with brand, proposition and commercial direction.

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What is it we do differently? Why a commercial photographer?

In short, we help you sell your product with pictures. As a studio, we not only have visual skills we have marketing appreciation and knowledge - over 33 man years of it through senior marketing position in Europe, the US and North Africa. It is also based upon senior roles in consultancy. So we understand the need to convey a proposition and visualise your argument - why buy this or use this for example. It may sound a strange combination, but it really does benefit our client base. We talk your language, understand quickly the product or service and then take this into a visual execution - a picture.

This 'commercial' approach means that we do discard many images we take - if it doesn't sell the product or service it isn't doing the job - even if it is a great image. This critical review of all our images means, that you know we are looking to create an image that works for you and not one that looks artistic - simply looks pretty.


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YRSCommercial, the Glasgow & the West of Scotland
Commercial Photographer - Our clients.

Our commercial customer base covers the breadth of the UK. This means a strong and growing client base in Glasgow & the West of Scotland as well! Our clients range all sizes of business and marketing or PR agencies from small bistro establishments, guest house owners, multinational construction businesses to engineering companies, media and food producers.

As studio, we also specialise in property photography and architectural photography, this is in additional to our reputation as a leading food and product photographer business.

Many of our clients require images that range from brochure-ware images to commercial images for their website support and of course sales promotional photographs. We are often engaged for employee photo shoots, business process or manufacturing (business in action) photographs, commercial events and business or sales conferences. The range of our commercial work is wide and changes often by each commission. Over recent years we have become heavily involved in product photography, catalogue and pack shot image production. As an Glasgow based commercial photography studio, it might surprise you that we work for product subject clients worldwide, not just the UK - producers simply ship their products to us. Why not look at one of our commercial photographer case studies - Maharishi Ayurveda. They ship from the Northwest of England to our studio - in Glasgow!

And what about the images supplied?

For each commission we will produce a series of images that explore the subject or the premises and present these to you on an online proofing portal. All the images taken are yours, no matter how many are taken. The price quoted is always fixed price with no additional expenses charged. Once happy with the images they will then be sent to you in four formats for ease of use, on a DVD disk or supplied via Internet and Dropbox.

YRS. Commercial, Business, Industrial, Food, Architectural, Interiors and Product Studio

YRSCommercial, the Glasgow & the West of Scotland business, corporate and commercial photography studio.

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Highlands, working throughout Glasgow & the West of Scotland - Scotland wide. We work with business, media and property owners, creating images for commercial, business and industrial needs as well as for media and designers all over the Scotland.

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography Studio.

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) Glasgow & the West of Scotland - Commercial, Property product and Food Photographer & Stylist.
Commercial, Interiors, Product and Food Photographer. Specialist photography studio, creating images for business, industrial, interiors, product and food clients Glasgow & the West of Scotland wide.
Glasgow & the West of Scotland specialist - Commercial, Interiors Product and Food Photographer. 07790545990 Glasgow & the West of Scotland Email: enquiries (@) your-reflection.co.uk